Tourbooking, Mekong delta tour, Ho Chi Minh city tour

Tourbooking, Mekong delta tour, Ho Chi Minh city tour

Tourbooking, Mekong delta tour, Ho Chi Minh city tour

Tourbooking, Mekong delta tour, Ho Chi Minh city tour

Tourbooking, Mekong delta tour, Ho Chi Minh city tour
Tourbooking, Mekong delta tour, Ho Chi Minh city tour

Tour trong nước

Tour Tham Quan Hồ Chí Minh 1 Ngày
1 ngày 0 đêm | Phương tiện:
(+84) 9753 25602
HỒ CHÍ MINH Khởi hành 19/07/2019
Giá 1 khách 562.000VNĐ
Tour Xem Múa Rối Nước và Ăn tối trên tàu Đông Dương
1 ngày 0 đêm | Phương tiện:
(+84) 9753 25602
HỒ CHÍ MINH Khởi hành 19/07/2019
Giá 1 khách 1.080.000VNĐ
Tour Địa Đạo Củ Chi nửa ngày bằng xe buýt (Buổi Sáng)
1 ngày 0 đêm | Phương tiện:
(+84) 9753 25602
ĐỊA ĐẠO CỦ CHI Khởi hành 19/07/2019
Giá 1 khách 450.000VNĐ
Tour Miền Tây (Mỹ Tho - Bến Tre)
1 ngày 0 đêm | Phương tiện:
(+84) 9753 25602
DU LỊCH MIỀN TÂY Khởi hành 19/07/2019
Giá 1 khách 450.000VNĐ
Tour Miền Tây - Hồ Chí Minh 2 Ngày (Mỹ Tho - Bến Tre - Cần Thơ)
2 ngày 1 đêm | Phương tiện:
(+84) 9753 25602
DU LỊCH MIỀN TÂY Khởi hành 19/07/2019
Giá 1 khách 1.456.000VNĐ
Tour Chợ nổi Cái Bè 1 Ngày
1 ngày 0 đêm | Phương tiện:
(+84) 9753 25602
DU LỊCH MIỀN TÂY Khởi hành 19/07/2019
Giá 1 khách 450.000VNĐ
Tour Sài Gòn - Cần Giờ - Đảo Khỉ 1 ngày
1 ngày 0 đêm | Phương tiện:
(+84) 9753 25602
Khởi hành 19/07/2019
Giá 1 khách 896.000VNĐ
 Tour Mũi Né 1 ngày từ Sài Gòn
1 ngày 0 đêm | Phương tiện:
(+84) 9753 25602
PHAN THIẾT - MŨI NÉ Khởi hành 19/07/2019
Giá 1 khách 855.000VNĐ

Tour nước ngoài

Sihanouk Ville - Koh Rong Samloem - Phnom Penh
4 ngày 3 đêm | Phương tiện:
CAMPUCHIA Khởi hành : Liên hệ
Giá 1 khách Liên hệ
Siem Riep - Phnom Penh 4 ngày
4 ngày 4 đêm | Phương tiện:
CAMPUCHIA Khởi hành : Liên hệ
Giá 1 khách Liên hệ
Sihanouk Ville - Bokor - Phnom Penh 4 ngày
4 ngày 3 đêm | Phương tiện:
CAMPUCHIA Khởi hành : Liên hệ
Giá 1 khách Liên hệ
Sihanouk Ville - Koh Rong Samloem - Phnom Penh 4 ngày
4 ngày 3 đêm | Phương tiện:
CAMPUCHIA Khởi hành : Liên hệ
Giá 1 khách Liên hệ
6 ngày 5 đêm | Phương tiện:
SINGAPORE Khởi hành : Liên hệ
Giá 1 khách Liên hệ
Singapore 3 ngày 2 đêm
3 ngày 2 đêm | Phương tiện:
SINGAPORE Khởi hành : Liên hệ
Giá 1 khách Liên hệ
4 ngày 3 đêm | Phương tiện:
THÁI LAN Khởi hành : Liên hệ
Giá 1 khách Liên hệ
Seoul - Jeju - Seoul - Lotte World - Lotte Aquarium - Nami (Mùa hoa cải vàng)
5 ngày 0 đêm | Phương tiện:
HÀN QUỐC Khởi hành : Liên hệ
Giá 1 khách Liên hệ
Ý kiến khách hàng
We had a thoroughly enjoyable day in Nha trang. The guide was friendly, professional and willing to take the tour at any pace you wanted. The meal provided was as first class. We also had a cocktail at a bar. Despite in a short period of time, this tour was exact what we hoped.
A short but interesting day. Not only the common places but a local fishing village was a chance to discover Vietnamese life in Nha Trang. The beach was clean and fresh. Snorkeling for seeing the life in the sea was a discovery. I wish have more time to stay here.
I love snorkeling here so much. The fish and reef of coral were full of colors. I also enjoyed the special seafood and made friends with a band working in this city. Only one day in my trip but I will be back. See you Nha Trang!
The house of bird's nest and the temple were amazing. The lunch with some rolls and tea was great, especially the tea's taste. Would definitely recommend, and hopefully to be here on next day-off for more activities.
Most of the sites were related to religion of ancient local people I loved their architecture. It was also full of information to look around. This tour was the reason for me to take more visits to other sites in Vietnam and discover the religion's culture here.
A nice day in Nha Trang. We saw some outstanding sights for travelers here. It was great be picked up and dropped off at our hotel. The local food is really tasty. The guide said the dish was famous in Vietnam. Would highly recommend this tour for explore Nha Trang in short time.c
My sister and I arranged an amazing day in Nha Trang from seeing the giant white Buddha to cave of bird's nest. This could not be more perfect day. We wished we had much more time here. We would highly recommend!
We had an amazing day in Nha Trang with Vietnam Memory Travel. There were several highlights of the day. Firstly, the tour guide had an amazing local knowledge. He made us surprised with his information. Secondly, the food was special with its cooking process. Finally, I loved time in such beautiful religion sites where I found more knowledge about them. Happy memories of a great day!
We got five places in Nha Trang as their tour's details. This was a way to discover the local sites in this beach city. The tour guide was brilliant and the food was delicious. Best for discovering!
A tour including diving course was what I want in Nha Trang. The equipments were modern. I saw a lot of color fish and corals. The staffs and couches were professional. Those made the tour really enjoyable and interesting. Would definitely recommend!
We booked an diving trip in Nha Trang because this city is famous for diving. The guide was extremely helpful & knowledgeable about all aspects of Nha Trang, diving and snorkeling. Equipments and lunch were included. One day was a enough time to relax on the sea. Highly recommended!
A tour in Nha Trang was great for water sports, especially diving. All equipments were provided for this activity. I was very impressed with the view on the sea bottom. Moreover, our tour guide was really funny. He even played card games with us. The driver was polite and helpful. I would definitely return!
We had one day in Phu Quoc. This island was peaceful, at least in comparison with the crowded Saigon. The seafood was fresh and was cooked by the locals. The guide was very friendly. We made friends with some visitors from Spanish but living in Saigon. It's better to stay longer. We can have more friends.
Tour included pearl farm, islets for snorkeling and beach for kayaking, etc. This was a nice and entertaining tour in Phu Quoc with communicative guide Hanh who spoke perfect English. She also answered us about culture and life in Vietnam. Would do it again.
My girl friend and I had an amazing snorkeling trip. We were taken to some islets for fishing and snorkeling. In the afternoon, we visited a famous beach and pearl farm. The tour guide supported us a lot of useful information. Found him at Vietnam Memory Travel. Must recommend!
Had a great tour of Phu Quoc island. The tour covered all the places we hope to see: a fishing village, pepper garden, pearl farm. We also got a boat to go fishing at night. The food was delicious, but the seafood was the most. The guide was great with the best skills of a fisher. Recommend this tour for anyone!
We had three good days around this beautiful island. The stream is worth to climb and swim, it was very refreshing! Squid fishing is also amazing. Our tour guide was nice and knowledgeable. We preferred this trips to the tours in other islands in Vietnam. It was really a nice tour!
We visited Phu Quoc on a sunny day. The fishing village was amazing and the fish sauce was special. We had time to walk in middle of nature and between giant trees! Thanks our tour guide for providing us lots of information of this place. I would be back here next time!
Four days seemed nice to discover the most popular island in Phu Quoc. I had time on pearl and pepper farm, enjoyed swimming in cool water and loved the local food very much. The guide spoke great English and helped us a lot. Thank you! This tour was a beautiful time to enjoy ourselves. Highly recommend it!
My friends and I visited Phu Quoc with four-day three-night tour. The tour included the highlights such as pearl farm, pepper farm, swimming, fishing then eating seafood, etc. We also had lots of private time to explore this island on our own way. The staffs at the hotel were really warm to make us feel like a family. I love them! If your want to take a trip to Phu Quoc, book from Vietnam Memory Travel to meet these guys.
I spent four unforgettable days on Phu Quoc Island. The most exciting thing here was for those loving photographs: there were hundreds of colorful fishing boats by the seaside. I also had time on a pepper plantation and enjoyed seafood and some local food here. The guide always smiled and was willing to help me and other. Such a surprising trip. I would take the same trip for my family on next holiday!
Phu Quoc had really fresh water beach. I spent 3 days of holiday to relax and I was not disappointed. Phu Quoc is one of places for escape the busy Saigon. Enjoyed the day in water, tasted seafood, met some friendly local people were the things I loved to do here. Sitting on the beach at night was to giving up all the stress. Recommend this tour for anyone like me!
The trip was absolutely wonderful. First we were a little bit culturally shocking but it was a part of the trip, but we totally got impression of Phu Quoc Island. The grilled seafood at last night there was wonderful. I ate a lot. I loved this trip so much.
Had a 2 night stay in Phu Quoc. The life here was peaceful and in Vietnamese way. I felt like the activities were authentic experiences. I met real locals in their normal way of life. Also, the guide was very friendly and looked after us very well. The good at restaurant was tasty. I loved this trip!
Amazing tour I have ever gone with my family. I absolutely will be back here with Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc. The view of whole trip was really charming and peaceful of Vietnamese countryside. We were always welcomed by local people with smile and hospitality.
We have just returned from the Mekong and Phu Quoc tour. The tour was really perfect with the support of the wonderful crew and our tour guide Max. The hotels were clean and comfortable. I really loved the local Vietnamese food in our menus. This tour is value for money.
There were 5 days and 4 nights around Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc Island. The highlights of this tour were the night for street food in Can Tho and the cool feeling of sitting on boat and floating long the river where local people sold plenty of fruits and some other things. We also had time to swimming, kayaking and snorkeling in Phu Quoc Island. The bus and plane were ok. The staffs were great and they spoke perfect English. The driver and tour guide gave us lots of information about local life. We really enjoyed this tour!
I had a great time with one day tour in Dalat. The tour guide had very good English and had a lot of knowledge about this place. The tour was well organized with valuable destinations in this city. I would recommend this tour to all my friends.
We booked the tour in the busy time of year but we were treated to one that was wonderful and informative. Our guide Thien was frienly and knowledgeable. Recommend spending a day with him (from Vietnam Memory Travel) to explore Dalat's nature and local life.
We took one-day tour Vietnam Memory Travel. It was an interesting and intensive day. Our tour guide spoke English well and provided us a lot of information of Dalat, Central Highland and Vietnam. We enjoyed lots of outstanding sites with many travelers like a monastery, a big lake, a palace and a beautiful waterfall. We spent a great day without any pressure here. Recommend for anyone wanting to escape the smoke-filled city!
I highly recommend doing this Dalat tour for who doesn't have much time. I loved the beautiful city with its nature. I also had a chance to ride a horse. I found one of the best tour guides I've had. He was informative and patient. Overall, an amazing experience!!
There are no words describing how amazing this trip was for us. We had only one day for visiting but it was still wonderful. Dalat was a place where we saw "a real Vietnam". Coffee plantations, silk farm, local people village were enough for discovering a special part of Vietnamese life. I would strongly recommend this trip!
We took one-day trip and it was amazing! We enjoyed the beauty of vegetable and flower farms, the coffee plantation, the silk farm as well as the pagoda and local village with a lot of information about history, people, lifestyle and culture in Vietnam. We enjoyed this experience with our amazing tour guide. An absolutely a must do!
Amazing trip to Dalat and Nhatrang. We enjoyed the flower gardens, pagoda in Dalat and snorkeling in a beautiful island in Nhatrang. We also tasted local coffee, met local families and ate some Vietnamese food! Our tour guide was excellent with plenty of information and spoke great English. Had a great time!
I went on a 5-day 4-night trip with my friends from Saigon to Dalat then Nha Trang. It was a great experience and the favorite trip in Vietnam. The tour guide was a young energetic guy with a great sense of humor. We also got to eat delicious and cheap food. The street food was amazing. The hotel was clean and their staffs were helpful. I booked from Vietnam Memory Travel in HCM city. Highly recommend!
We did a five day trip from Saigon. Dalat was cool with natural sights and local building for relaxing while Nha Trang was nice for swimming. The guide and driver are really nice and friendly. We had chance to taste local food, especially the street food in Dalat, and learned a lot about Vietnam and Vietnamese both on the mountains and by the sea. We had an amazing time for 5 days. Definitely highlights for a trip in Vietnam!
Halong Bay is an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of such busy cities. I found a great delight cruise and enjoy wonderful view of Halong Bay. This is really awesome for those loving nature and photographs. A must visit!
My family and I enjoyed a one day tour around Ha Long Bay. We were lucky to have Hana as our tour guide. She had a lot of knowledge and made every activity we had together very entertaining. I totally recommend this tour for anyone having short time.
Halong Bay is one of the most mind blowing natural sites I have experienced. Photos on internet will never do this place Halong Bay any justice. You must to be on a boat, sailing through the emerald water and the monster lime stones to understand how amazing it is.
The two-night and three-day stay on Lavender Cruise was well-organized with a good timing and diversity of activities and relaxation time. The staff made for us to fully enjoy the incredible scenes. Our guide, accompanied us from Hanoi, made this trip memorable with great sense of humor, sense of service and knowledge of the Bay and Vietnam. We had a great time. Recommend for anyone loving Vietnam!
My family took the Lavender Cruise for a 3-day-2-night tour and had a wonderful time with the scenic views of Ha Long Bay. The food and service were good. The room prepared for three of us was comfortable. The guide was very friendly and informative. Highly recommended!
This was a great tour I took with my parents. We booked tour on Lavender Cruise. Great service, great people, and such a fantastic experience. We had a service lunch and dinner. We did kayaking and swimming a cave and visited a fishing village. We also had a mini cooking class for Vietnamese dishes. My parents loved this cruise and recommended it to their friends.
My husband and I went on the 2-day-1-night cruise. The cruise's staffs were very organised and helpful. The food was amazing and plentiful. All the activities are all run well. I loved kayaking around the mountains and relaxing on the deck with the fantastic views. It was money well spent. Highly recommend Lavender cruise for those loving nature and local life.
A fantastic time with Lavender Cruise. The food was delicious and the room was comfortable. We had a lovely ocean view from our window as well as from the ship's deck. The tour guide was very helpful and funny. The best highlight of this cruise was probably kayaking through the breathtaking scenery of Ha Long. Highly recommend Lavender to anyone. Definitely will come back!
We just returned from a 2-day-1-night trip with Lavender Cruise. We had an amazing time. The trip was very well organised. The staffs were friendly and helpful like a family. We did squid fishing, cookery class and kayaking we really enjoyed it while experiencing the beauty of the area. The food was excellent. Our guide was very informative. A wonderful experience one you must do if visiting Vietnam.
I really enjoyed the trip on Lavender Cruise around Halong Bay. The whole staff was excellent and attentive! They served us well every day! Our guide was a fantastic one and took care of us very well. I enjoyed listening to her explanations at various areas! The floating local house is a rare and interesting thing to see. Overall, we had a great time and thank you for a wonderful experience with cruise!
The two-day-one-night stay was wonderful. The most amazing and picturesque place we have ever visited. The Dragon Cruise on Halong Bay was excellent. The cruise boat was clean and comfortable. There were endless activities available for us to participate, and all of them were included in the package including cooking class, fishing, kayaking, swimming, sailing, etc. Our guide was so full of knowledge, he even memorise all members' names in our group. Highly recommend!
We had a fantastic time on Halong Bay with Glory Cruise. Our guide was very informative and friendly. Food on the cruise was amazing and all the crew was very friendly. The cruise's organisation of activities was excellent.
Our room was beautiful with a large balcony. The food was also tasty and the set menus were well composed and well balanced. The trip was very well organized and the cruise's staff was very friendly and fantastic. I enjoyed all the cruise's activities, especially the kayaking, cooking class and the time relaxing on the deck and on my beautiful balcony. I would definitely recommend this cruise to all of my friends.
So much fun with Glory Cruise. The guide was very helpful. He always asked us first to make sure what kind thing we want. Every activity informed so clearly. Food was so delicious and I'm in love with white Vietnamese coffee, taste was so good. Room and bathroom so clean with full accommodation. Really enjoyed my holiday. Recommended with all in Glory cruise!
Glory was absolutely cozy and gave us a very private feeling. The food was great and the service was excellent. Activities like fishing, kayaking and swimming made our stay colorful. This trip gave me memories would last a lifetime.
All the foods, services and crews of Glory cruise are great. The tour guide is professional. Their programs during the trip are fun and rewarding. With reasonable price, the rooms are fully equipped. On the deck among the stunning scenery was fantastic. The activities, kayaking, swimming at Three Peach Beach and visiting the color caves were all well organised and enjoyable. We had a brilliant time!
We had a great experience on Glory cruise. It is beautifully decorated with comfortable rooms having great shower. The deck is beautiful and staffs are so super friendly. The meals are awesome with local food. There is an option to get a massage in our rooms. It was great to take short visits to the floating village, to kayak in the bay and enjoy the cave with colorful lights. The views are breathtaking, especially at sunrise and sunset. Highly recommend for anyone!
We were extremely happy with the service by Paloma. The food was plentiful and first class. Our bedroom was comfortable. Furthermore, the visit to a cave in the first day was a nice surprise. We don't want to kayak but we enjoy the time with bamboo sampan on the way to the local village with the view of beautiful scenery. We were very pleased with the whole service. Thanks Vietnam Memory Travel for providing such a wonderful time in Vietnam!
Paloma is really a great cruise! The food was more fantastic than we hope. The landscape was very scenic. The crew was very knowledgeable and helpful. Our room was modern and spotlessly clean. The shower was the best we had during our time in Vietnam. I strongly recommend this cruise if you're interested in Halong bay.
My wife and I took the one night Halong Bay cruise with Paloma cruise. Great value for money. First class service and accommodation. The meals were excellent with a variety of Vietnamese food. This cruise is my friend's suggestion and now I can recommend Paloma to anyone. Hope you have an enjoyable trip!
Among the plenty of cruises for visiting Ha Long Bay, picking a good one is the obvious want of tourists. And we were not disappointed! Our cruise was Paloma. The bedroom was perfect, very clean with great facilities. The staffs on the cruise were lovely with excellent service. Our guide was great as well! The Vietnamese food was delicious. Overall, the whole experience was enjoyable and relaxing.
We had a wonderful two-overnight trip on a cruise named Paloma! The guide and all the staff were great. The boat and the cabin were clear. It was really nice when we had 4 meals during only two days. Halong bay became wonderful and relaxing with this cruise. Definitely worth to take the Paloma!
We spent 2 nights on the Paloma cruise. The accommodations, the crew were very good and the visits and activities were scheduled. It's better than we had expected. The best thing of cruise was the staff and the tour guide making us stay comfortable and enjoyable. A true amazing cruise to take for a Ha Long Bay's visit. Just wished we had stayed longer. Recommended to anyone!
Despite less than perfect weather I had an amazing time on Imperial Classic Boat. All of the staff was very helpful and attentive from start to finish. Bring your appetite because they serve a lot of food and it is all good!
We had a brilliant three-day trip around Ha Long Bay. Our guide was awesome and always helpful and full of fun facts. The boat was beautiful and the food was delicious. The view is breathtaking. Imperial was an enjoyable and nice cruise. You will not regret going on this trip.
"Halong is so beautiful place for relaxing, we did 3 days with Legend Imperial Cruise on the April and the tour was so good and we liked it. The guide was friendly and spoke very well English, I highly recommend this cruise! "
A very nice boat trip through Halong bay on Legend Imperial Cruise. Staffs were very friendly and helpful. Food was delicious with lots of variety for lunch and dinner. The bedrooms on the boat were clean and the bathroom was amazing. Really enjoyed our time at Cat Ba Island. I had the best time and would do it again!
The Imperial Classic Boat exceeded my expectations. Lunch upon boarding was a delicious combination of local dishes presented extremely well, and dinner was the same. The staffs were always polite and humorous. The rooms are clean and the common areas are great.
Despite less than perfect weather I had an amazing time on Imperial Classic Boat. All of the staff was very helpful and attentive from start to finish. Bring your appetite because they serve a lot of food and it is all good!
The food was the best we'd tasted in Vietnam. Our guide was brilliant. Bedroom was perfect, very soft sheets and comfortable beds. Transfer to Hanoi was good. We really enjoyed swimming and kayaking. Nothing to complain about. It was a fantastic experience.
We booked our Halong tour of two days at Vietnam Memory Travel. The guide was thoughtful and funny. The cabin was small but it was clean and comfortable. We enjoyed the food and activities on Cruise, too. The trip was end greatly.
We have scheduled Poseidon Sail Cruise two days one night boat trip until the end of our stay in Vietnam. It was very nice highlight of our stay. Food was very good. We felt very confortable during whole our stay. The tour is organized quite well as they try keep you busy. We have been kayaking even when raining and still had a lot of fun. This boat is really good choice considering the price and quality you are provided.
This was definitely one of the highlights of my time in Vietnam.It is a truly beautiful place to visit and a trip not to be missed. We visited the caves and went kayaking on the first day. There was also karaoke and dancing for anyone at night. The sunrise was a surprise in next morning! Picture perfect! The room was very comfortable and cosy. It was a nice size and had a lovely bathroom. The food was delicious! There were fresh seafood and Vietname ones. Overall, this was a fantastic trip and I would definitely recommend this boat!
My husband and I just came back from Vietnam with last tour in Halong. And it was worth to visit. We were travel with Luxury Cruise for two days. What a great way to experience the beautiful Halong bay! Friendly staff, clean accommodation, delicious food, beautiful boat. I will definitely be recommending this to my family and friends!
We book 2 day trip to Halong bay with Luxury Cruise company. Their boat was nice and its cabins were clean. Services were best and food was very good. We will recommend!
My family had enjoyed a two-day trip at Ha Long bay and had experiences at Luxury Cruise. Services were so great, staff were so friendly. My husband and I have tried kayak and joined a cooking class. Overall, the trip with Rosa cruise so amazing !!!!!!!
My friends and I had a day trip to Monkey Island . It was a fantanstic trip. Its senery was unbelievile. I have never seen so many monkeys in my life. I also fed the Crocs. Then using speed boat to go through the forest for the vision of how the Viet Cong lived during the war. It's unbeleivalbe!
This tour is a great day trip to avoid the bustle of Saigon. Can Gio is a lovely area. It is worth to go for the boat ride through the mangroves, throw in the cute long-tailed monkeys, the guerrilla base in Vietnam Was. It's a great day out.
Spent the day on a tour to Can Gio, left city at 7:30 am. We drive along a small road through the mangroves, seeing the nature state of the island. There are many monkeys. We can feed and interact with them, even friendly one sitting with us and have a photo take. We head around the mangroves and past the crocodile farm. On the history section, we were introduced to life during the war years in the region. We have lunch with local Vietnamese food and a relaxing afternoon with sightseeing and swimming and enjoying seafood. A great day out in the greenery of the city.
Amazing place! It's a huge yellow sand dunes and you could have a very good view over the sea. The view during sunset is really great. The locals sell the tofu pudding there is really delicious!!! A must thing we should do when being around there.
"This is the first leg of the sand dunes tour and it doesn't disappoint. The sunset here looks beautiful and the sand feels really nice on your feet The view must be exceptional from the top of yellow sand dunes. Overall a must visit place when in Mui Ne!"
A tour for those loving nature. We started at 1pm and tried to get the top in the hot sun. But it was peaceful moment watching the sun down while slipping on the sand dunes. I can also look at the beach next to the dunes. An amazing experience!
It is kind of interests to spend my morning hours in sand dunes, enjoying the screnary and the happiness overthere. Lay down on the sand and look into the sky to feel the sky closer. Great short trip when staying in Mui Ne.
Lovely and picturesque place to watch the sunrise, with lots of colorful boats in the bay. No wonder they put it on some of the postcards from Mui Ne. It also was great to be able to see the local fisher at work. Lovely time!
Super cool just sitting and watching people around. It is really interesting to watch the locals catch fish in round boats that look like big bowls bobbing on the water and reeling them in fresh and selling them to others on the banks.
You can find a lot of freshly caught fishes and other seafoods and check how local fisherman manage their day to day life. This was so good to try a glimpse of local Vietnamese fishing life.
A tour cannot be missed. The prices are very good and the variety of quality service is ideal.I love the way the locals busy with sorting and cleaning the fish, mending nets. Very colourful. Great spot for photos. An relaxing day!
We went Mui Ne three times tand we loved it so much. We walked up it twice which takes about half an hour and you can take as much photos as you like to explore and take pictures! The experience at the white sand dunes is exceptional! Advise you take this tour for the best moments of sunset.
We had a good time with our tour to Mui Ne. Beach was filled with white sand and not too many people. The water was clean and refreshing, making it great for swimming. Best thing was that we could just walk there. Will come back!
Great view of nature with sand dunes & lake - amazing wonder of nature in Mui Ne! We also enjoy so much the ride experience on special vehicle to conquer sand dunes in high speed! Highly recommend for anyone looking an interesting half day!
This tour gives you a better understanding of life in Vietnam in a very tourist beach area. You can buy fish and other seafood if you have a kitchen. You can also have great photos. Otherwise great memories!
This is a really huge white sand beach that stretches for miles. It is pretty clean, nice water and waves. It's a great place to learn kite surfing too. The best time is early in the morning or in the late afternoon before sunset. It's lovely! We enjoy it!
Nice view and scenery, good for sunsets and sunrises, and any weather. Boats and ships are very colourful and they look amazing. During the night you can see a lot of blinking red lights from each boat.
I was here in Mui Ne for 3 days, not long enough. It's a quiet town this time of the year. Clean beach is kite surfer paradise with high wind specially in the afternoon. I can't stop observing them with their own ways of fighting with the waves. Many hotels all on this beach but I never found it too crowded. Absolutely beautiful even at night.
A lovely beach to wander up and down to watch the kite surfers and fishermen in the morning. The sand was fine for my kids to build sandcastles. Lots of hotels up and down the beach. There was a little fishing village, which was a bit of a photo opportunity and worth a visit.
If you are somewhere around don't miss the chance to visit a lovely beach. Excellent beach and facilities. It was clean and there were lots of eating option. Would't say the best beach experience, but definitely the best in area and worth a visit.
The beach is a great place to chill out, catch some sun and get some food and beer. The stretches of the beach near hotel are cleane and pleasant to walk in. We loved to watch fishermen fishing near the beach. You could buy seafood from them. It is one of my preferred beaches along the coastline of Vietnam
We love Vietnam and this five-day trip absolutely was a huge highlight of our time in this amazing country. The tour was everything we hoped it would be. Our guide was great. His knowledge was so insightful, he was very personable and managing to please a large group of people which is a challenge in its self! My advice is, take this tour when visiting Vietnam, you will not be disappointed.
It was a wonderful journey to discover the central part in Vietnam. Landscapes are so beautiful, local people are very friendly and food is delicious. Our guide was humor, informative and really helpful. Definitely recommended!
We are sastified with the travel agent arrangemend and tour guide services. The driver was very friendly and helpful. He also had good driving skill make us feel safe and comform thoughout the journey. Breakfast and lunch are included and was delicious espically in Hue, we can try various local delights. Our guide Linda was excellent. She is so friendly, helpful and patient to brought us around to get the things we needed, answering our inquiries on history, foods, shopping,... We got these things from Vietnam Memory Travel. Definitely will recommend this five-day four-night tour to my friends.
It's the first time I have gone to Da Nang and Ba Na Hills is the first choice. It's amazing. It's likely the European Village in Vietnam. You have many choices to relax and enjoy at Fantasy Park! My family will be here on next holiday!
I came here with my family. Everybody quite enjoyed this place. Kids had lots of fun with the games, cinema. My wife and I loves the atmosphere here - a little Da Lat in Da Nang. Nice weather, nice garden and buildings, nice views from the Buddha statue. A relaxing place to release stress!
I love going there. I can relax and forget everything about a busy life out there once on the cable car. The atmosphere here is very fresh and cool. The view is panoramic and beautiful. I think we should stay there at least 1 day to enjoy fully its beauty and 4 seasons within a short day. It's so amazing.
My girl friends and I booked a tour from Saigon. We taken around Da Nang city in first day. The best exciting experience here is such thing called "the highest and longest cable car ride in the world". But I love the second day more - it's time in Hoi An. Very beautiful ancient town. Almost everything is still intact and well preserved. Love the people there, very friendly and honest. Loved it! Will be back here next year!
Excellent tour! We had a stunning view of real countryside from the cable car on the way to the hill. It was peaceful to visit a pagoda on the mountain next to the sea. It was the best time wandering the streets in Hoi An. The food is delicious and the people are so friendly and happy. Also, our guide was very kind and patient. This tour was really the highlight of our holiday!
Three days to go around the central Vietnam. I instantly fell in love Danang for the first time. It was not crowded and crazy like Saigon. We also had a night in Hoian. Streets are filled with lanterns that are so pretty during the day and become more magical at night. The food there is awesome and the service in general is tops. Will be back!
Everything went smooth. We went to see some places in Danang. This city is more quite than Saigon. Then we moved to Hoi An where I found a lot of small ancient houses. On next day we went to a site quite far from Danang. It was so suprised of its existing during Vietnam War. Two-day tour was filled with many old architectures. We enjoyed it!
A trip to Danang and some places around there. The staffs were brilliant, friendly and always happy to help. Very reasonable price! And I'd definitely recommend this tour if you are in Saigon.
We used Vietnam Memory Travel to bring us to Hoian and Danang. In Danang, we had stops many interesting places likes temple and old houses in Danang, Japansese Bridge, and a champa architecture. Great places for an awesome photo and to meet people. Pickup was right on time and we had a great ride. Overall, I would highly recommend for everyone!
This is the best trip I had been in Vietnam. You get to learn how the Vietnamese survived and won the war during those days. You get to explore the small tunnels. To feel how it is during those war times. Very interesting history. Must go trip when you are around there!
Right into the jungle. Very interesting to see the tunnels of the Vietcong soldiers, and how they survived in the war. Going into the deep tunnels is an amazing experience. Some parts are dark, narrow and need some scrambling up and down. The shooting range was an attraction. Try the food these soldiers ate in the jungle. Would recommend!
This tour was so interesting and fun. It must be a part of your visit to South Vietnam. Interesting film at the beginning of tour that truly reflects nationalism of a communist regime. You don't get much exposure to that anywhere else in the country.
A great tour we had. First, we saw a documentary film on the Vietnam War, walked around the grounds and saw how people build and lived in these tunnels. It was amazing to crawl through one of them. There was no space to turnaround and people behind you have to back out. There was a firing range where you can buy a round of bullets and fire the AK-47. There was also an American tank. Very educational.
The tour of Cu Chi tunnels was interesting & if you aren't afraid of small spaces, it's fun to crawl through. The highlight of tour is being able to fire a few rounds through your choice of guns. It's a cool experience that you can't miss if you are staying in HCMC or Mekong Delta.
A worth trip to see Cu Chi Tunnels. About an hour out of HCM city but really interesting part of Vietnamese war history. Absolutely recommend as only a half day required for anyone interested in the Vietnam War (or American War - as known to locals)
Had an interesting tour here at the Cu Chi tunnels. It was very hot but so incredible the system that was used. We were able to shoot a AK-47 towards the end of the tour at their firing range, very cool! The tour is very informative and I would highly recommend it for anyone visiting HCMC.
Visited the Cu Chi tunnels on a half day tour in the afternoon. Very interesting place. To see how small the tunnels were before they made them bigger for westerners. They are quite warm and small. You do not need to crawl but very bent over, and the tunnels are narrow. There are some exit points along the way. There is another short tunnel that runs from the hospital to the kitchen, about 30 metres, it is a little bigger than the other. All in all an interesting day and well worth doing.
Way better than I expected. I'm not a big fan of history but I really enjoyed the half day tour in Cu Chi Tunnel. If you are visiting Vietnam this should be on the top of your to do list. Very interactive and we got to crawl through a 15m tunnel. We went with Vietnam Memory Travel and our guide was really lovely and funny. Would recommend doing a small group tour as it would be easier to hear your tour guide.
As a history student, I loved the experience at Cu Chi Tunnel. The holes, airhorns and traps expounded by our guide were well done and the shooting range was excellent. I had a lot of fun! The finale video said a lot through its old footage of Viet cong. Would highly recommend!
This was an amazing tour from the start to the end with guide from Vietnam Memory Travel. He ensured we had the best time by encouraging us to go through the tunnels, organising wartime food for us to consume firsthand, providing interesting information about the wartime in Vietnam and much more. I'd highly recommend for who interested in Vietnam war.
Went to Cu Chi tunnels with Vietnam Memory Travel booked on . The tour included speedboat ride to and from the tunnels and lunch on boat afterwards. The guide was lovely and very knowledgeable. Speedboat was comfortable and quick. There is only a small group of 25 people as we wanted. Would highly recommend
Shi Jing Zhang
Brilliant thing to go and see! This tour shows the way people survived in Second World War in Vietnam. Shooting gun like real soldier, moving underground like a rat. You get to see the really Vietnam on the way there too! Going with a group of maybe ten others. Really enjoyed it.
Wonderful experience. The boat is beautiful, food is great, the staff is so friendly. Really a fantastic experience to visit the Mekong delta area and meet with local people.
I booked tour to Cu Chi Tunnels from Vietnam Memory Travel. Our tour guide leads us into the jungle and inform us the history. Types of traps on way into the jungle are so amazing. They even make slippers using used tyres. Inside the tunnel, I can only keep going forward and no stopping on the way, it's quite painful on back. After the tunnels, you may experience shooting with real bullets. A very different experience visiting Ho Chi Minh City.
Our tour guide was brilliant and had great sense of humour! She kept us all entertained. Really enjoyed this amazing cultural experience! Great insight into Vietnamese life on the Mekong Delta. Lots of food too, so you're never hungry I love eating so this is important for me! Definitely a must-do tour!
This is a whole day tour and it was amazing and adventurous for a very reasonable price. We visited floating market in the morning, had lunch in the local house then and moved to another town. I love the fresh seasonal fruit garden and coconut candy factory. Highly recommended.
Although my tour along Mekong was just one day, Tim, from Vietnam Memory Travel tours made it a fantastic experience. We did a lot in a short amount of time. The local families run coconut, brick, chop stick, and straw mat shops along the river banks. And the villages were very interesting. Not to mention a great lunch in a small local village. Very cheap. This trip a must!
From the moment to get onto the boat, until you finally leave the tour during two days, the crew do everything to make it enjoyable and memorable. The room was large, clean and comfortable. The food was fresh, tasty and plentiful. The tours were the real insight into the life of the local villagers in Mekong Delta. Wonderful!
Our tour guide was extremely funny and spoke great English. There was no boring time or waiting time. We visited many locations on Mekong delta by boat and paddle boats. The great food and a taste of many local fruits. All these things make the tour very enjoyable. Highly recommend!
This tour was amazing and adventurous. I visted different islands in mekong delta with a very reasonable price. Lunch is including and so much thing to do and see on this tour. We visited many local people and the village life there. There were also factories of coconut, candy honey farm and fruit farm. Highly recommended.
The lovely old wooden boat has great charm. The food was wonderful, using local ingredients. Seeing the sun come up at 6am over the Mekong River is a once in a lifetime experience. The bedroom was clean and comfortable, the shower a little unpredictable but good enough. The staff always willing and friendly. The trips into a village and to floating market and rice noodle factory were well organised. Lovely!
Traveling with my wife across Mekong Delta was an adventure and I was a little hesitant at first when booking this trip. However, two-day tour exceeded every expectation we had. The food was excellent and the staff very attentive. There was plenty of space on the boat to have our own privacy. The experience in fresh rural Vietnam made our honeymoon perfect. A great trip I would recommend to friends and family.
Everything was very well organized from start to finish. The food was totally excellent throughout on the cruise and great service by all staff. The rooms were very clean and comfortable. We all enjoyed visiting floating market, taking local boats, riding bikes in a small village. Worth every cent in our opinions and would recommend a Mekong Delta tour to anyone considering doing so. Impressive!
The best cruise in Vietnam we made. Professional staff - good food - very good organised. Rooms are good and the staff is professional. They are also very flexible - we went from Sai gon to Phnompenh via Mekong Delta - the organised everything!
We travelled as a family on our journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia. The staffs are charming, very sweet and attentive. We loved sitting on the top deck of the boat with a glass of wine as the sun went down, watching life on the banks of the river. It's a easy way to go around two countries with one trip.
This was definitely one of the highlights of our time in Vietnam. Water market, boat trip on the Mekong Delta, drinking from a coconut, having tea with rice cake, bargaining with local vendors... Authentic lunch, watching coconut products being made, of course, I have never seen such many boats selling fruit and vegetables. It was really worth it!!!
We signed up for the big boat with a very excellent guide. Food was superb and the boat was very nice. The tour was interesting. They have a comfortable bus and it's definitely worth the trip. Highly recommend.
We signed up for the big boat with a very excellent guide. Food was superb and the boat was very nice. The tour was interesting. They have a comfortable bus and it's definitely worth the trip. Highly recommend.
Can't express enough in words what a great day from the pick up till drop off. They offered so many things really authentic experience. Cold drink and fresh fruit are more than what I want. I never see many paddy rice fields like this in my life. Just amazing and locals are super friendly to welcome you to their house. I told everyone to book this real tour. Thank you again.
We went with Vietnam Memory Travel to the Mekong Delta. It was a great trip of three days. Our guide knew a lot about culture and nature. His English was well enough to have a good conversation. Everything was very well organized. We went by many types of different boats. We biked, walked a little and had a perfect bus. We had many great experiences. The homestay and food were also fantastic.
This Mekong trip was the best one my boyfriend and I did on our trip to Vietnam. We took the three-day tour and got to see the "real deal", traveling to the countryside to different markets, rice fields, mountains and religious places. We also did an amazing boat ride along the countryside. I recommend everyone to do this trip! Our guide was very informative and kind and made us feel like "home".
Three amazing days in Mekong river delta. We got completely real experience with local floating market, temple and rice paddy fields. The organization of the trip was excellent. The guide was very professional, his English skills so easy to understand and full of local knowledge. Food was great. My partner and I really enjoyed this tour. I highly recommend this company if you want to go for real.
I had been to Mekong delta one day trip before but this time I really want to see real floating markets in Can Tho. I was driven in an air conditioned private car to various places in the region and there were a number of boat rides through small canals and floating markets. Also included were trips to visit a rural village and local markets. All the locals are pleased to see you and even want to have their picture with you! The hotel was nice and great location to walk around and cannot forget to mention very good breakfast. Very nice and helpful staffs!
We really enjoyed our tour around the Mekong Delta, especially the boat ride through a local village. There were a lot of people trying to sell things which isn't really what we wanted, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.
Great tour in Mekong that shows what life is like in Vietnam. Fantastic to see the floating villages on the Mekong and the culture of Vietnam locals. Book a few days in advance to avoid disappointment.
The tour is combination of Vietnam daily life in rural and urban areas. It has lot of activities and requires full day to enjoy! A bit of boating, visiting island, local villages, getting familiar with daily life there and great local food in the morning and touching common places in Saigon's centre. Very interesting day!
An amazing day out. Our tour guide was fun and natural. She provided loads of interesting information. The traditional Vietnamese food was good ! Just wish the boat trip is little longer. We booked one day tour, so we need to return Saigon in the same day.
This is a way to escape from the city to breathe in fresh air in Mekong Delta and a clearer view about Vietnam War. The Tunnels were fascinating and it really brought to life how the war was fought. It was also an experience to crawl the small section of the tunnel to get a sense of the conditions and heat. Highly recommend!
This trip was awesome, especially with our incredible tour guide, Tony! He was so informative of Ho Chi Minh City and Cu Chi Tunnels! I recommend requesting him for trips in and outside of Ho Chi Minh City!!! As for the tour, we visited the tunnels to see where the Viet Cong operated during the war. Our group was also able to go to a shooting range too. This is one of the best historical sites around Saigon.
We took a day tour with Vietnam Memory Travel. Our guide Tina speaks English well. We were picked up and dropped off at our hotel. The boat trip and visit to the islands was well worth the effort. The lunch served full of Vietnamese food. Good value for money. A recommended day out and not to be missed.
Recommend you do this by booking from Vietnam Memory Travel. Loved seeing how the locals live along the Mekong Delta, farm of fruit, snake, even folk music. Highlight was lunch with a local family. Beautiful people. Great food. And excellent services.
We did a Mekong Delta full day tour with a wonderful tour guide. She is an awesome girl with knowledge of the culture, history and area. We took the boat across the Mekong River, land on two small islands, saw coconut candy being made, ate local fruits, visit local farm, enjoyed a live performance of folk music, and have lunch with traditional Vietnamese food. Amazing day with precious memories for my daughter.
Fascinating part of Vietnam with floating markets and cruises along the delta. Need to time it right to see the market in full operation but the cruise gives you a good perspective of river life. I would recommend for who want to escape the city in one day!
Worth every dollar. Small tour with a visit to floating market, canal trip to coconut candy processing factory, I love the white rice cake. I bought some for my friends in Saigon. in the way home, I recognized Vietnamese venders extremely friendly. I wish a longer trip to discover the Mekong delta next time. Absolutely I will recommend this tour in particular and longer Mekong tour for those who love rural Vietnam.
We booked a Floating market tour from Vietnam Memory Travel. The tour started early with a pick up at 7am from our hotel in Saigon. The car was very comfortable with air conditioning! Our guide was funny and interesting. He gave us great service and we had a truly awesome day out. We managed to visit fruit-selling floating boat, coconut candy and rice cake factories, enjoy the fresh air on Mekong river and have lunch in local house. Everything went to plan but sadly the day was over before we were ready for it. So cool for only one day. Thank you!
I had a wonderful two day tour with a young professional guide. We were traveling by boat on the Mekong River and the canals. The guide can explain everything and also makes the guides in small production company. He is always funny and gives a lot of pleasure. He has good knowledge about the plants and fruits there. The second day was a trip to a famous floating market with many small highlights after that such as a boat full of fresh fruits, native fruit gardens and a handicraft village. Everything was very well organized and was just beautiful!
Thank you to whole team for the most amazing holidays we experienced in Vietnam. Absolutely professional service made us feel like home in all those beautiful places we visited during 2 days. We had helpful and informative guide, delicious traditional food - thanks once again and we will be back one day!!! I could recommend this tour to anyone looking for great trip in Mekong Delta!!!!
We were very happy with our experience in exploring both the local canals, having fresh seasonal fruit at floating market, seeing how traditional treats are made of coconut. The lunch was delicious – the fish definitely the best we had in Ho Chi Minh! Our guide Tam was extremely helpful. We are definitely recommending 2 days Mekong delta Tours to those who are willing to explore the Delta.
I dont have much time so I booked a half day tour from Vietnam Memory Travel to explore some hightlight places in city centre. The guide was very interesting and informative. She gave us lots of really interesting information about war museum and china town. I enjoyed our conversation. Thank you!
Good morning Vietnam and hello to the best tour guide ever Ken! He was a perfect blend of humour, information, consideration, care and attention to detail. We all learnt so much. Vietnam Memory Travel's tour was great value and packed with things to do but at the same time was beautifully relaxing. Highly recommended to all for a short-time tour experience.
We booked the tour around HCMC in the morning and could highly recommend. Trip was well operated with excellent quality. Pick up and transfer were smoothly. Our guide Ha was informative, humorous and helpful.
We were on a short time frame, but wanted to see HCMC. The guide is excellent, telling us lots of interesting information and making sure everything ran smoothly. We enjoyed our trip and observe many interesting things in different places of the tour. We had a wonderful night together, too. Thank you.
It's the great experience to visit such interesting places and to have a romantic night. My wife and I booked the tour from Our guide knows a lot of the history and inhabited people around. We are lucky to take this tour. The places and tradition are attracting, the food was great. We would like to recommend this experience to who wants to get a view at HCMC without a lot of time.
We had the best time on our first trip to Saigon. Booking experience was smooth and all staffs are responsive with enquiries. Tour guide was friendly and funny, and kept us all entertained. A good insight into Saigon. We loved it!
Bonsai Dinner Cruise was one of the best dinner cruises I've been on. We had a photo before boarding the boat with staffs in traditional Vietnamese style. Welcome drinks were served once we were seated. There were different kinds of entertainment and a magician as well. A great experience!
Loved every part of this tour. The junk was very busy but very well co-ordinated. Our dinner consisted 6 separate dishes. It was perfect and brought out at the correct times. The staffs were so friendly despite being flat out. It's a great way to experience the river at night on a beautiful junk whilst eating a delicious meal.
My girlfriend and I enjoyed an evening dinner cruise. We booked this dinner together with a Mekong tour at the same travel agent “Vietnam Memory Travel”. The dinner cruise mainly catered to tourists. Its food was very good and fresh cooked. Great views along the banks of the Mekong river. A good romantic evening.
We had a lovely romantic night cruise along the river seeing all the city night lights and other river boats and ships. Dinner and the entertainment were awesome. We enjoyed the puppet show very much. It is very entertaining even though we do not understand a single word and songs in the show. Personally I appreciate the old people who were playing the instruments. What a way to preserve Vietnamese culture.
The puppet show was about 50 minutes, consist of lots of stories. Honestly I didn't really understand the story, but I was amazed with details of the movements of each puppet. On the cruise, I thoroughly enjoyed the food. The band, dancers, and vocalist really seemed to enjoy themselves. The variety of the songs was appreciated, and the music was continuous for much of the two hours. A happy time!
We booked a 4-hour tour which included the water puppet show and dinner on the Indochina junk on the river. It was very well organised and worth every cent. The tour was a great way to see the city and the water puppet theatre was excellent. The staffs were great and responded to emails very quickly. Fully recommended!
The things I love on this cruise are the scenic views you get from the bright lights of the city. Indochina cruise also focuses on its live entertainment of singing, dancing, playing local instruments, and performing magic tricks table by table. The food is great with vegetarian dishes for those who are health-conscious.
Indochina cruise was relaxing and romantic with Saigon city lights. Its performance was great with live band, vocalist and dancers. The dinner is great. Service was excellent from booking staff to service crew. Would highly recommend for first timer to HCMC.
We booked this cruise after we get to the hotel in Ho Chi Minh. It was very nice. We enjoyed the traditional Vietnamese music with special traditional instruments. Food was nice, too. We also enjoyed the beautiful city view along the river. If you are looking for a nice dinner with affordable price, I will highly recommend this dinner cruise.
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of music, singing and storytelling although we didn't understand Vietnamese. The puppets are lovely and it is a very interesting tradition. And then there was a dinner on Indochina Cruise. It is a beautiful way to see the pretty sky lights of the city. I highly recommend this combination.
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of music, singing and storytelling although we didn't understand Vietnamese. The puppets are lovely and it is a very interesting tradition. And then there was a dinner on Indochina Cruise. It is a beautiful way to see the pretty sky lights of the city. I highly recommend this combination.
I booked the combined puppet show night and dinner on a junk river cruise from Vietnam Memory Travel. It was a great night. The junk was very busy but the food was good and drink price was reasonable. Puppet show was amazing. It looked simple but performed by very talented performers.
We book this tour from Vietnam Memory Travel. My family was recommended a perfect trip as what we want. If you don’t have much time to explore HCMC, spending a full day tour with water puppet show and dinner on cruise is a wonderful experience. It’s now our recommendation for those who are on a tight schedule like we did.
We book this tour from Vietnam Memory Travel. My family was recommended a perfect trip as what we want. If you don’t have much time to explore HCMC, spending a full day tour with water puppet show and dinner on cruise is a wonderful experience. It’s now our recommendation for those who are on a tight schedule like we did.
Great value tour $50 from It's a nice way to get out of the city. The local seafood is fresh and cheap.
We joined a day tour to visit Can Gio Island. It was very interesting to see the mangroves, crabs, monkies (tons of them), wild crocodiles and farm crocodiles. We even did crocodile fishing. It is a worthwhile trip to see a different side of Vietnam.
I love the part of the nature reserve as it provides many attractions - from mangrove forest to the monkey forest, especially the camp in the deep jungle, it is just AMAZING! Nature lovers will definitely love to be in Can Gio island! Highly recommended!
Visit this mangrove forest is a chance to enjoy lots of beautiful sights on the way and have fun with the monkeys and other animals. I love the feeling of eating and wandering around the jungle. That’s an amazing day!
My family took a vacation in Ho Chi Minh and we all like it. We use the HCM city tour full day under Vietnam Memory Travel and the tour guide is an excellent guide. For me, this was the third visit to the city. The food is cheap and suitable to my family. We will find time to visit the great country again in future
I really had a great time. We went to all the attractions mentioned in itinerary for 1 day in Saigon. The services are very good. I got a fantastic experience and I suggest to all of you to visit to get such great trip.
Our tour operator picked us up from our hotel on time and with grace and our Saigon full day tour covered everything it promised. Our guide is knowledgeable and able to speak English very well. It was a good day.
My partner and I had an wonderful time exploring the tour Mekong Delta River Cruise between Saigon and Phnom Penh, guided by the brilliant Ms. Ha. She was very knowledgeable, informative, funny and explained everything we needed to know about the location and it's people. The food served all the way through the trip was delicious, and the traditional boat rides were a particular highlight!
I already took a tour of Mekong Delta River Cruise in 2 days. It was nice to get out of the city and see some countryside. Our guide, Ha, was very nice and knowledgeable. She speaks good English as well. I definitely recommend this excursion if you are in Saigon. Vietnam Memory Travel is a tour company that I have used in the past, and they provide good tours with good guides.
We booked tour on and we had an amazing time on our Mekong Delta River Cruise in 3 days with our guide Minh. He was informative, engaging & good fun. We visited floating market, stayed on a floating hotel, had a boat trip & ate wonderful food. In the evening, Minh produced a pack of uno cards & the group sat together by the banks of the Mekong & had a good laugh. The next day we cycled & visited a morning market, a candy factory and the ship building yard. Minh made our trip memorable.
John Smith
Love our tour guide Ha, very friendly and very knowledgeable. She not only gave us info about the trip in Mekong Delta River but also gave great advice about touring in Saigon. We had a wonderful, relaxing and very enjoyable trip.
I already had an amazing Ho Chi Minh nightlife tour with guide Minh. He is very informative with plenty of information about the history and culture of Viet Nam and also spoke English very well which made things a lot easier. Thanks for a great night guy, wish we had picked you first so I could have done more tours!!
Had a thoroughly entertaining and informative visit. Our tour guide had a wealth of knowledge about the tunnels but more importantly about the war itself and Vietnam in general. Could highly recommend him.
We had a great day out with the tour guide. He is very passionate about educating people on the real events of the Vietnam war. As we travelled around to pickup the other people on the tour he pointed out places of interest. He knowledge of Ho Chi Minh city and Vietnam is fabulous.
Awesome trip to cu chi tunnel but what makes it even better was having a real awesome and funny guide. If you want to get to know more about cu chi's history and have a great time, get jackie as your tour guide ❤️
Had a great day at the Cu Chi tunnels. Jackie was an exceptional guide, one of a kind! He tells you all about the Vietnam war first hand - What a legend! Far better than the text book guides. Visited December 2015
Enjoy the trip by the agency! Good service & affordable package. Tourist guide is very warm & informative. Recommended for those planning to go mekong river trip
Such a great way to see the culture and Vietnam for what it is. From when we first got picked up from our hotel in the morning by our tour guide we knew that we would have a fabulous day. He's very informative and really takes his time to explain what Vietnam is about. I highly recommend anyone to go on this tour you will not be disappointed. Great food provided, great cruise boat, great paddle boat and you get to stop at many excellent places. Much more also. 10/10
This was one of the best trips we have been on. Tour guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and funny guy. He started the tour in the bus, showing us pictures and telling us of his memories of the Vietnam war. Thank you for a great day
My father and I had limited time in Saigon and chose to do the 1 day Mekong Delta tour with Vietnam Memory tour. We both very much enjoyed the tour and our guide, Tiger. Everything was on time from our hotel pickup in the morning, to our return late afternoon. The tour bus was comfortable and the destinations interesting. We especially enjoyed the Boat tours (motor and rowing), Bee Farm, Candy Factory, and lunch. I would recommend this tour for anyone wanting to get out of the city and into the countryside.
Great Tour with a great tour guide is a real pro. He speaks Good English and are very friendly. I recommend this trip...
Usually we avoid the usual tourist attractions while traveling, but this one was definitely worth it. Tiger was a very friendly and knowledgeable guide, and the tour itself was an unforgettable and unique experience. Highly recommended!
Our whole Mokong River trip was excellent! The tour guide, Tiger was very informative about the tourist spots and the whole trip was very nice! Excellent!
Excellent, fun & entertaining tour guide is as he brought us to MEKONG DELTA TOUR BY SPEEDBOAT and explains about his...
It was wonderful experience being there ... Tiger out tour guide was awesome.. Given full time and guidance of that...
Adam M
Great tour, he was an excellent guide and very informative. Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn about the tunnels tour
An experience of a lifetime! Very touching and amazing! Great learning and inspiring experience! Jackie is great!

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